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All the Doctors, Engineering Professionals, Medical, Technical Engineering Colleges and Universities can join the platform of Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors. You can join us to exchange meaningful information and powerful ideas. We have different membership categories that include Individual and Institutional. Individual member category has four grades namely Fellow, Senior, Member, Associate Member and Student.

Fellow Member:

The grade of Fellow is linked with Doctors, Engineers and Scientists. It shall be conferred only on invitation of the IRED upon a person having a distinction. If a person has outstanding qualifications or has made extraordinary contributions in medical and engineering field, we may call him or her.

Senior Member:

The grade of Senior Member is given to the ones who have made important professional contribution in relevant fields. The applicant who is a PhD holder from a recognized educational Institution can directly enter in grade of Senior Member.

Associate Member:

Graduate and/or Postgraduate Doctors and Engineers can become a part of IRED as Associate Network. This grade of Member is a professional grade that is restricted to people who have demonstrated professional competency in their respective profession. If you think you are one such fellow then this is your place!

Student Member:

A person having any Diploma, Degree, certificate or Technical competence can become a Student Member of IRED. We may enrol a person directly as a Student member if the candidate may have even less qualification but possessing competent experience.

Once you are a member of IRED, you can relish amazing benefits like:

  • - Free online access to every Conference publication and Journal publication by Associated Networks of IRED. Be it engineering paper, science journal, International Journals, academic journal, research paper or any other stuff; you can access everything.
  • - You would get discounts on Registration fee (10% - 15%) for all the technical and Academic conferences that are organized by Associate Networks of IRED.
  • - Once you are an Individual Member, you will receive the membership certificate electronically.

So, be a part of Ired domain and take a step towards your growth, improved knowledge and robust networks.