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Fifth International Conference on Advances in Computing, Electronics and Communication - ACEC 2017

Alternative Resource Allocation Model for Dynamic Resource-Sharing WSN Systems



One of the major solutions to the interoperability problem of different wireless sensor networks (WSNs) which are in different locations is the use of WSN virtualization techniques. In these types of systems, there is generally a provider system to which the heterogeneous WSNs are registered. Through the provider system, clients can choose different resources existing in the different WSNs and establish their own virtual networks. In virtualization, the resource choice/allocation operation is one of the initial processes. This process is important to clients, the provider and efficient system maintenance. Current resource choice/allocation models used in IoT WSN providers generally take into account client parameters. However, other parameters are also available for optimum resource allocation, including available energy levels of the nodes in the sub-WSNs, data traffic in the sub-WSNs, processing rate of the physical nodes. In addition, the sub-WSNs registered to the provider can have different skills and features. The sub-WSN parameters must be taken into account in the process of the resource choice/allocation. In the paper, an alternative resource allocation model which considers these critical parameters is proposed. In the model, which is analytically explained, both client-side and provider-side parameters are considered. Thus, the systems in the sub WSNs can operate for a longer time and more economically.

Conference Title : Fifth International Conference on Advances in Computing, Electronics and Communication - ACEC 2017
Conference Date(s) : 27-28 May, 2017
Place : Hotel Novotel Roma Eur, Rome, Italy
No fo Author(s) : 2
DOI : 10.15224/978-1-63248-121-4-04
Page(s) : 15 - 19
Electronic ISBN : 978-1-63248-121-4
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