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Sixth International Conference on Advances in Computing, Control and Networking - ACCN 2017

Trend Analyses of Parameters of Equations for Sender Node Extra Energy Savings Achievable in MANET against Direct Node-to-Node Location-Aware Transmission.



Quite extensive research is ongoing concerning enhancement of Location-Tracking, functionalities and MANET transmission strategies in ubicomp environment [32-68]. Nonetheless, the area of modelling in ubicomp for sustaining behaviour predictability is still in its embryonic stages. One particular sub-area is energy considerations in ubicomp since as of present date devices battery power is still considered constrained. A previous research [16] was carried out to quantify and model the extra energy savings achievable in MANETs against direct node-to-node transmission under different sets of node densities in a ubicomp environment. The corresponding model was put forward as following a normal distribution just as in a previous research [31] for metric OES but with different parameter values. In this paper, the next level of question to be investigated is legitimately put forward as: “What are the trends of variation observable within each parameter of the equation of normal curve obtained for metric SLNTNES [16] over varying node densities?” The need for studying the behaviour of components of an applicable model for metric SLNTNES and successively model the behaviour of each component mathematically is felt required since it will take lots of effort. Results obtained may be put to use by designers to better predict ubicomp behaviour and formulate necessary accompanying architectures. This paper is a follow-up of previous papers [1-31].

Conference Title : Sixth International Conference on Advances in Computing, Control and Networking - ACCN 2017
Conference Date(s) : 25-26 February 2017
Place : Hotel Lebua at State Tower, Bangkok, Thailand
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DOI : 10.15224/978-1-63248-117-7-06
Page(s) : 26 - 29
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