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Third International Conference on Advances In Social Science, Management and Human Behaviour - SMHB 2015

Almost Ideal Demand System for Red Meat in Egypt by Using AIDS Model



The problem of providing food from animal protein is great importance when the authors of productivity policy since it is one of the main and essential food ingredients for human nutrition and maintain his health, are obtained animal protein sources of red meat , white meat , fish, and is linked to the demand by increasing population, increasing per capita income and the level of health and nutrition of the population awareness and then increase the average per capita, with an average per capita red meat, fish and poultry in Egypt during the period (1990-2013) approximately 13.76, 13.15, 10.47 kg / year, while the annual growth rate of about 1.2%, 4.4%, 2.33%, respectively.Results estimate the demand for red meat demand AIDS using the optimal model in the Arab Republic of Egypt during the period has shown (1990-2013): 1. High percentage of the Egyptian consumer spending on red meat, fish and poultry. Which amounted to about 58.8%, 24.2% 0.17%, respectively, which means the consumer preference for red meat for fish and poultry in bridging the requirements of the animal protein products. 2. The most important variables affecting the demand of red meat in Egypt is the average retail prices for red meat, fish and poultry, and spending on red meat. 3. Show of reference and the value of spending Elasticity (income demand) plants that red meat is a commodity, which means that the more consumer income spent, the more the ratio has increased to such item is greater than the rate of increase in the rate of income. 4. Show of reference and the value of demand elasticity coefficient Sarah- that the demand for red meat and fish is flexible, where the fall in response consumed quantity of these commodities to price changes, while showing that demand for poultry flexible, in terms of increased response to the amount consumed of these commodities to price changes.Recommendations: (A) Due to the high elasticity spending power of red meat should be the need for expansion in the production of red meat to ensure the availability prices to suit consumers with low incomes, as well as to encourage the breeding, production and fattening calves, and work on developing improved calves genetically and high productivity to ensure increased production of red meat. (B) Encourage the provision of jam calves and feed them at affordable prices, leading to increased production of red meat, even lower production of which do not lead to higher domestic prices and the consequent decline of the average per capita (C) Increasing the aquaculture to increase the fish production as one of the alternatives of red meat

Conference Title : Third International Conference on Advances In Social Science, Management and Human Behaviour - SMHB 2015
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