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Third International Conference on Advances in Mechanical, Aeronautical and Production Techniques - MAPT 2015

Investigation on a CI Engine Fuelled with blends of Waste Tyre oil



Current ages of science and technology running towards the control of environmental degradation and improvement of energy to meet the rush of rising demand. On the other hand bearing in mind the breeding consumptions of crude reservoirs are across the world. Developing countries like India depend heavily on crude oil import of about thousand barrels per day. Transportation sector consumes the major portion of imports, finding a suitable fuel alternative to diesel is an urgent need. In this regards focus has been gradually shifting towards energy recovery from waste materials which can solve both the problems. One of the major wastes in the automobile sector is automobile tyres. These have an adverse impact on the environment if they are not disposed off properly. Further, tyres are a source of high grade energy hence its improper disposal means wastage of energy. Several methods have been developed to extract energy from waste tyres. One of them is pyrolysis of tyre which produces Tyre Pyrolysis Oil (TPO) by thermal decomposition of tyres. Among the alternatives, production of liquid fuel would be a better alternative as the calorific value of tyres is comparable to that of fuels, around 43.8 MJ/kg. Other properties of the oil derived from waste tyres were also similar to the petroleum-based diesel. In the present work, blends of 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% Waste Tyre Oil with diesel and 100% TPO are considered to investigate the performance, and emission characteristics in an existing diesel engine. For better understanding of the results, an injection time of 230 BTDC, 200 bar fuel injection pressure, and a 3 holes injector is used throughout the investigation. Some better performance and emission characteristics were observed from all the blend ratios. However, 20% TPO and 80% diesel blend gave better results as compared to other waste tyre oil blends.

Conference Title : Third International Conference on Advances in Mechanical, Aeronautical and Production Techniques - MAPT 2015
Conference Date(s) : 11-12 APRIL 2015
Place : G Tower Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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DOI : 10.15224/978-1-63248-059-0-70
Page(s) : 49 - 53
Electronic ISBN : 978-1-63248-059-0
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