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International Conference on Advances in Applied science and Environmental Technology - ASET 2015

Evaluation of TCE degradation using newlydeveloped nano-ZnO/organic supports composites



The photocatalyst nano-ZnO powder was fixed on organic supports to overcome drawbacks of photocatalyst powder used in aqueous phase as difficulty of recovery and reutilization. Although photocatalyst surface area fixed on supports was resulted in decline of photocatalytic efficiency, sorption capacity of the organic supports (silicone, ABS, epoxy, polybutadiene) expected that photocatalytic efficiency was maximized through synergistic effect both the sorption capacity of organic support and phtocatalystic mechanism of ZnO. The NZOC (Nano-ZnO/Organic Composites) was manufactured according to physical and chemical combination method. Before manufacturing NZOC, the raw organic supports were evaluated about sorption capacity of TCE, which is representative nondegradable organic material. Also, the developed NZOC was evaluated about 1) water resistance tests, and 2) photocatalytic removal efficiency tests of TCE. In the results of experiment, ABS resin was observed similarly with efficiency of blank (control). The polybutadiene showed the most excellent efficiency of about 30% among organic supports. The NZOCs which were each manufactured as a result of the water resistance of the experiment, it was determined to be suitable for use in aqueous phase. The photocatalytic removal were evaluated by utilizing the NZOC prepared, the result of experiments showed Nano-ZnO / polybutadien composite was good removal efficiency better than others, it was superior sorption capacity of polybutadiene and photocatalytic mechanism of nano-ZnO through synergistic effect. Therefore, the most appropriate organic support was chosen of the polybutadiene in this research. Also, the experiments are required such as initial concentration of TCE, loading amount of nano-ZnO/polybutadiene, intensity of light source, pH to verify effects of factor.

Conference Title : International Conference on Advances in Applied science and Environmental Technology - ASET 2015
Conference Date(s) : 21 - 22 February 2015
Place : Hotel Lebua at State Tower
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DOI : 10.15224/978-1-63248-040-8-47
Page(s) : 82 - 85
Electronic ISBN : 978-1-63248-040-8
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