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Second International Conference on Advances in Social Science, Economics and Management Study - SEM 2014

Business communication, education in foreign language in Hungary



Foreign language learning has always been an important concern in Hungary, since Hungarian language is less known in the world. Languages are taught at all levels in public and higher education. Language teaching has traditions in Hungary. Before the socialist era, all European languages were taught, although German was the most valued language. After 1945, it was compulsory to learn Russian language in public and higher education. The developing commercial relations with the western part of Europe, however, urged to improve the teaching of German, English, French and other languages in every field of education After 1990, due to the arrival of foreign capital and international firms, Hungary had to face a quickly inceasing need of foreign language speaking specialists. Students are admitted to hihger education with a relatively high level of general language knowledge, therefore universities have to provide language courses for special purposes so as to prepare students to an international professional carreer. Language teaching involves offering courses in line with the main subjects, therefore in the College of International Management and Business, the language of business, cross-country studies, the language of press and media, communication ans intercultural communication are taught in foreign languages. Business education is offered mainly in higher education, although there are secondary schools specialised in business studies as well. Some higher education programmes combine professional studies with language teaching: the College of International Management and Business run an English and a French programme where the curriculum and all the courses are offered in English and French respectivly. During the last intercultural communication skills have an increasing role. The succes of a firm operating in the international market depends highly on its employees’ communicational activity, on their recognition and adaption to the partners’ cultural identity. The French programme of the College of International Management and Business provides international communication courses allowing students to learn how to conduct a successfull win-win business negotiation. Support material used at the courses are of different origin: books written by College teachers, authentical – foreign – editions, periodicals, newspapers, audio and video tapes, CDs and the internet is used. The pedagogical staff is composed of the College’s treachers, and professionals working in Hungarian, French, international and multinational societies. As the number of language courses is limited, an the students’ independent research, reading, and creating activites is emphasised – assessment is based on the quality of students’ activity. .

Conference Title : Second International Conference on Advances in Social Science, Economics and Management Study - SEM 2014
Conference Date(s) : 16 - 17 November, 2014
Place : University of Birmingham, UK
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