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International Conference on Advances in Electronics Devices and Circuits - EDC 2012

Interference Problems and Techniques of Spectrum Sharing in Geo-Stationary Satellite Systems



The radio frequency spectrum used in Geo-Stationary Satellite System is limited in extent and the most useful parts of it are over- crowded. The rising demand for communication channels has led to increased number of Geo-Stationary satellite systems in the space for expanding the communication links and maximizing bandwidth to get higher quality particularly for mobility. This increase has introduced the interference problems with space and terrestrial services. Internationally applied strategy to resolve the problem of interference is based on System Filing and Frequency Coordination. System filing is a process of registering satellite system with International Telecommunication Union (which is an international regulatory body) in order to secure orbital locations along with Frequency Bands for satellite operators. The second most important part is Frequency Coordination which is a key activity in order to avert the frequencies of a satellite network from causing harmful interference to the networks of other countries. System filing and frequency coordination is crucial process for implementation of any kind of satellite system. Due to sharing of same frequency bands among different satellites for different services and increase in demand of the Geo-stationary orbit, frequency coordination process has become very complicated involving detailed interference analysis in different scenarios and finding out mitigating factors/solutions for reaching coordination agreement with affected systems. Here this paper will discuss the interference problem and some of spectrum sharing studies in GSO satellite system.

Conference Title : International Conference on Advances in Electronics Devices and Circuits - EDC 2012
Conference Date(s) : August 11, 2012
Place : Hotel Shangri-La, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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DOI : 10.15224/978-981-07-3161-8-134
Page(s) : 4 - 9
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