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International Conference on Advanced Computing, Communication and Networks - CCN 2011

Network Security Evaluation Based on Information Security



The Network security Evaluation is a In development of computer and network hot issue in present research of Network technology brings us convenience to gether security. After acquiring each host‟s web-based threat exists everywhere, and to attack. Therefore, study and evaluation of the network security will be important practical significance: finding out network vulnerabilities,enhancing network security and improving network survivability. The Method of network security evaluation develops from manual to automatic, from partial to overall, from regulation-based with network security vulnerabilities: the confidentiality, Integrity and availability evaluation index by attacking the network. we can directly evaluate the network security. But for the Network security involves the security of data transmission, the Confidentiality of communications, the legitimacy of key management. It is a comprehensive application of information security. An information security incident that might be difficult to manage and mitigate. Hence, the objectives of the research are to determine the information security risk factors, consisting of threats and vulnerabilities and to discuss their criticalness. The findings of the research show that the most critical threats are system error and Information Communication Technology (ICT) failures and the most critical vulnerability is insufficient attention to human factors in system design and Implementation

Conference Title : International Conference on Advanced Computing, Communication and Networks - CCN 2011
Conference Date(s) : June 2-3, 2011
Place : Hotel Aroma, Chandigarh, India
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Page(s) : 1033 - 1038
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