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International Conference on Advanced Computing, Communication and Networks - CCN 2011

Microcontroller based speed control of dc motor through rs-232 interface with pc

Author(s) : PRIYA DUGGAL


In this paper microcontroller based speed control of DC motor through RS232 with PC goal of this as Role of electrical drives is a major concern in industrial automation. Industrial applications use dc motors because the speed-torque relationship can be varied to almost any useful form for both dc motor and regeneration applications in either direction of rotation. Dc motors are often applied where they momentarily deliver three or more times their rated torque. In emergency situations, dc motors can supply over five times rated torque without stalling (power supply permitting). Dc motors feature a speed, which can be controlled smoothly down to zero, immediately followed by acceleration in the opposite direction without power circuit switching. And dc motors respond quickly to changes in control signals due to the dc motor\'s high ratio of torque to inertia. Having intelligence PC available to control operation of speed of motor which can increase productivity in broad range of industry. RS232 signal transmitter end receiver transmit information according to signal relative to data size. The system is intended to design here different information thyristor based design objective are 1) Serial communication(UART-UNIVERSAL ASYNCHRONOUS RECEVIER AND TRANSMITTER). 2) Selection of microcontroller.3) Designing a small size drive. 4) provides RS232 interface which is a standard for both PC and PLC. A set of commands is used to control drive. PC Showing Reduction in power consumption.

Conference Title : International Conference on Advanced Computing, Communication and Networks - CCN 2011
Conference Date(s) : June 2-3, 2011
Place : Hotel Aroma, Chandigarh, India
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