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International Conference on Advanced Computing, Communication and Networks - CCN 2011

An Efficient and Cost-Effective Approach to Manage Network Elements in a Campus like Environment



with the changing trends and new developments, designing an Element Management System (EMS) for efficient management of network elements is a challenging task. Therefore a good design is essential to make such a system. The primary issues of element management are taken into consideration in this work and the main functions of an EMS are implemented. The implementation is web based, provides ease of access and is robust in nature. The implementation uses open source technologies, open source API’s and lower cost tools. In case of client machines (hosts), the SNMP service facilitated by the OS is used, resulting in enhanced efficiency. In this implementation, when a new element is added, a separate instance of the functional module is created for that element. This improves scalability as any number of new elements can be added easily. The solution is implemented using Java and is highly portable, i.e., the solution can be used without modification on multiple platforms. Data integrity is preserved by the solution implementation. This implementation exposes its functionalities through a well-defined API and can be extended to be compatible with systems from different vendors. Interactive User Interface (UI) and customized event viewing provided by this implementation enable the user to use the deployed system effectively.

Conference Title : International Conference on Advanced Computing, Communication and Networks - CCN 2011
Conference Date(s) : June 2-3, 2011
Place : Hotel Aroma, Chandigarh, India
No fo Author(s) : 3
Page(s) : 213 - 217
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