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Ninth International Conference on Advances in Social Science, Management and Human Behaviour - SMHB 2019

Climate Change Adaptation on Water Resource Management: a case study of Pakokku Township, Magway Region, Myanmar



The Earths temperature has increased in recent decades leading to changing of climate. The adverse effects of climate change on natural systems have also become evident since the mid of the twentieth century. Water resources are mainly affected by climate change, particularly in the central part of Myanmar that faced with water shortage. The objective of the research is to study climate change adaptation on water resource management at the Pakokku Township, Magway Region, Myanmar. The four villages, namely Shin Ma Kan, Pan Tine Chone, Paung Laung Kan and Kyee were selected as the study areas because of their strong drought and water shortage in the dry season for decades. The 61 respondents were selected by using a purposive sampling method. An in-depth interview using a set of semi-structured questionnaires was conducted to obtain relevant data. Data obtained were analyzed using descriptive and content analysis. The study found that 98% of the respondents knew about changing of climate. Regarding climate change adaptation, 100% of government officers mentioned changing seed varieties resisting to climate change in agriculture sector. Considering water resource management practices adapting to climate change, 92% of respondents mentioned using water efficiently and 86% of them mentioned water saving. All respondents (100%) mentioned that there was no policy on climate change adaptation that being implemented by the government in the study area. However, the Myanmars National Adaptation Programme of Action, Myanmar National Water Policy and the water-related policy of Department of Rural Development would relate to climate change adaptation on water resource management. For examples, climate-smart agriculture and water-saving irrigation techniques. The study would recommend that climate change adaptation plans should be properly conducted on disaster risk reduction, preparedness, relief and rehabilitation on water resource to reduce impacts and to enhance the capacities of all stakeholders to combat climate change.

Conference Title : Ninth International Conference on Advances in Social Science, Management and Human Behaviour - SMHB 2019
Conference Date(s) : 14-15 September, 2019
Place : Hotel Lebua at State Tower,Bangkok, Thailand
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DOI : 10.15224/978-1-63248-179-5-11
Page(s) : 64-67
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