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Ninth International Conference on Advances in Social Science, Management and Human Behaviour - SMHB 2019

Water Resource Efficiency towards Sustainable Tourism at Patong Municipality, Phuket Province, Thailand



Tourism is one of the main incomes of Thailand that directly contributes to the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Tourism affects not only on economic sector but also on the environment and society. Sustainable tourism (ST) has become more important in conserving and maintaining natural resources for the next generation. The ST requires efficient uses of natural resources, particularly water resource. The objective of this research is to study water resource efficiency towards sustainable tourism at Patong Municipality, Kathu district of Phuket. Water shortage has taken place in Patong municipality for decades. A set of semi-structure questionnaires was used to in-depth interview respondents selected by using a purposive sampling method. The total respondents were 44 composing of 4 groups including hotel business, local community, governmental organization, and tourism-related association. Data obtained were analyzed using descriptive and content analysis methods. The study found that the Phuket Provincial Waterworks Authority (PPWA) and the Patong Municipality are two major water suppliers in Patong municipality. 50% of respondents used water from the PPWA, while 13.51% of them used water from the Patong Municipality. However, 43.24% of them also obtained water from shallow well, natural canal, village water supply, groundwater, and purchasing water. 89.18% of respondents faced with water shortage yearly that be solved by collecting rainwater in bigger storage tanks. Concerning water usage leading to sustainable tourism, water saving, efficient water use and water treated reuse for gardening would be powerful actions. The environmental awareness would play a vital role on water use for sustainable tourism. Therefore, a stronger collaboration among stakeholders including governments, stateenterprises, private sectors and all local people would sustainably reduce water shortage in Patong municipality.

Conference Title : Ninth International Conference on Advances in Social Science, Management and Human Behaviour - SMHB 2019
Conference Date(s) : 14-15 September, 2019
Place : Hotel Lebua at State Tower,Bangkok, Thailand
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DOI : 10.15224/978-1-63248-179-5-10
Page(s) : 59-63
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