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Fourth International Conference on Advances in Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering - ACSEE 2016

Analysis of Credit Rationing Among Construction Enterprises SMEs within Financial Institutions: A Case of Gauteng Province in South Africa.



Economic diversification is a key policy goal for the Government of South Africa. SMEs offer a feasible option towards the actualization of this goal. The expansion of construction SMEs in South Africa, however is constrained by lack of access to bank credit. This constrained access to credit is argued in the literature to be due to the credit rationing behavior of banks emanating from asymmetric information in credit markets. Constrained access to credit stifles the growth potential of this vibrant sector which is increasingly generating employment opportunities especially for young enterprises. Department of Trade and Industry (DTI, 2007). This study therefore investigated the factors that influence the credit rationing behavior of banks towards SMEs. A deductive methodological approach was used to examine this problem. The structured survey questionnaire was administered to 179 construction small and medium organizations to elicit relevant data about their credit rationing. Binary logistic regression was applied to determine the influence of demographic variables on credit rationing. The statistical package for social science version 22 was used.The study findings suggest that the experience of SMEs reduces their probability of being credit rationed by banks. From the bank perspective the experience of SMEs is determined from their ability to keep proper financial statements, the performance of their bank accounts with the banks, and their ability to make profits. This calls for capacity building of SMEs in areas of business management (including financial record keeping) if they are to be rated as credit worthy borrowers by the banks. From the SMEs perspective, there is need for banks to improve their efficiency in terms of reduction of loan processing time and cost of borrowing (i.e. interest rate). This will improve access to bank credit by the construction SMEs and promote their growth thereby stimulating economic diversification, employment creation opportunities, and poverty reduction in line with South African Vision 2020.

Conference Title : Fourth International Conference on Advances in Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering - ACSEE 2016
Conference Date(s) : 15-16 December 2016
Place : Hotel Novotel Roma Est, Rome, Italy
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DOI : 10.15224/978-1-63248-114-6-56
Page(s) : 112 - 121
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