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International Conference on Advanced Computing, Communication and Networks - CCN 2011

Application of Fuzzy logic in Power Transformer Fault Diagnosis



The increasing competition in the utility industry requires maintaining power delivery service with minimum interruption. The goal of power system fault analysis is to provide enough information to utility to be able to understand the reasons for the interruption better, and provide as quick as possible an action to restore the power delivery. The analysis should also provide enough understanding of the status of protection system components so that a preventive set of measures can be implemented to reduce the likelihood of service interruption and damages to equipment The sheer size and complexity of today\'s deregulated power grids require the application of more predictive techniques that are capable of discernment and decisiveness. Fuzzy logic offers this capability Fault diagnosis (FD) plays a crucial role in power system monitoring and control that ensures a stable electrical power supply to consumers.Fault diagnosis is an important component of power system asset management and congestion management as well. Transformer’s performance, reliability and technical life can be increased with the implementation of better operational criteria. FD involves identifying the location and nature of faults occurring on power system due to different disturbances.FD function is the most basic fault handling function of power system supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. Power transformers are one of the most expensive components of electrical power system and the failures of such transformers can result in serious power system issues, so fault diagnosis for power transformer is very important to insure the whole power system run normally. Due to information transmission mistakes as well as errors arising while processing data in surveying and monitoring state information of transformer, uncertain and incomplete information may be produced. Moreover, real time detection operation and control is another important characteristic so as to meet high speed diagnosis requirements. Based on these points, this paper presents an intelligent fault diagnosis method of power transformer based on fuzzy logic .By using a fuzzy logic technique, the continuous attribute values are transformed into the fuzzy values by automatically deriving membership functions from a set of data with similarity clustering The practical results show that the method is an effective method for fault diagnosis of transformer and has yielded promising results.

Conference Title : International Conference on Advanced Computing, Communication and Networks - CCN 2011
Conference Date(s) : June 2-3, 2011
Place : Hotel Aroma, Chandigarh, India
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