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5th International E- conference on Engineering, Technology and Management - ICETM 2021

Structural Behavior of Ferrocement Composite Light Weight Box Girder



This paper presents a new box girder reinforced with various types of metallic and non-metallic mesh reinforcement materials. The main objective of the current research is to estimate the structural behaviour of thin ferrocement box bridges reinforced with composite material. Experimental investigation has been carried out on nine girders. The dimensions of the girder were 2000 mm length, 500 mm width and 350 mm thickness but with various layers numbers made from different mesh types. Cracking patterns, tensile and compressive strains, deformation characteristics, ductility ratio, and energy absorption properties were observed and measured at all stages of loadings. Experimental results were then compared to analytical models using (ABAQUS/Explicit) programs. The results showed that the type of reinforcement affects the ductility ratio, ultimate strength and energy absorption properties of the proposed girders. The study also revealed that the expanded metal mesh and welded steel mesh using in reinforcing the ferrocement girders are effective. Moreover, the developed ferrocement box girders have high ductility ratio, strength and energy absorption properties and are lighter in weight which are very useful for dynamic applications compared to the conventional RC girders, which could be useful for developed and developing countries alike. The Finite Element (FE) simulations achieved better results in comparison with the experimental results

Conference Title : 5th International E- conference on Engineering, Technology and Management - ICETM 2021
Conference Date(s) : 25 April, 2021
Place : Online (Via Video Conference)
No fo Author(s) : 3
DOI : 10.15224/ 978-1-63248-192-4-13
Page(s) : 64-84
Electronic ISBN : 978-1-63248-192-4
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