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5th International E- conference on Engineering, Technology and Management - ICETM 2021

The Need for New Software Architectures for Next-generation Vehicles



Assuming that future connected cars with auto mated driving functions will require even more computing power and communication bandwidth, the current network infrastructure as well as the existing individualized control units are not a profitable option for such vehicles. In addition, changing user expectations demand flexible architectural patterns and upgradeability of software components without the need to visit the workshop. However, the current statically developed and configured ECU architecture does not offer any practicable possibilities for this. For these reasons, the research for a new dynamic and flexible architecture is necessary. This new type of system architecture is expected to meet future requirements in terms of space, cost, performance, energy efficiency and number of required computing units in the vehicle, which will arise as a result of the implementation/inclusion of new automated driving functionalities, and due to the changes in user expectations. Solutions to this issue can be found in the field of enterprise IT (cluster computing), in which technologies such as Ethernet, container-based virtualization and flexible software architec tures have proven themselves to be very efficient for years. Relevant infrastructures, for example from cloud computing providers, have commonly been used in high-performance or high-availability applications. Thus, in the research project A 3F has been investigated which of these concepts and methods can be applied to modern vehicle system architectures. One of the main goals is to assess the synergy potential of the two sectors, information technology and automotive industry, which to date have very different orientations. However, this synergy is expected to grow strongly in the course of the developments mentioned above. In the following pages, the necessary changes related to hardware and software will be discussed briefly und will be compared to concepts and possible solutions from the IT world..

Conference Title : 5th International E- conference on Engineering, Technology and Management - ICETM 2021
Conference Date(s) : 25 April, 2021
Place : Online (Via Video Conference)
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