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2nd International E-Conference on Engineering, Technology and Management - ICETM 2020

Digital Technology Praxis and Sharing Economy in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

Author(s) : Abayomi Oluwaseyi Ikumoro, Samuel Adeyinka-Ojo, Shamsul Kamariah Abdullah


Introduction: The purpose of this study is to provide insights into emerging deployment of digital technology practices and sharing economy platform in the hospitality and tourism industry. As the digital technology displaces the traditional customer services and experience economy employee's work, it is imperative for those affected to understand the opportunities and threats of digital technology innovation on hospitality and tourism industry. Methods: Content analysis was utilized on relevant extant literature related to digital technology, disruptive digital innovation, robotics and artificial intelligence, sharing economy, collaborative economy, gig economy, platforms economy and fourth industrial revolution (IR 4.0) or industry 4.0. We identified 437-keyword counts, similar keywords were classified, combined and analysed. Results: Findings indicate digital technology praxis and sharing economy provide several opportunities in the management and advancing customer’s experience in hospitality and tourism industry. These opportunities include meeting customer expectation, convenience and memorable experience, cost saving and staff skills development. Finding also suggests the application of robotics artificial intelligence (AI) system in the hotel industry. Specifically, AI assists hotel staff in creating a better quality service oriented for their guests. Findings uncovered threats such as increase in the number of unemployment rate, rising cost of operation due to frequent changes in technology, societal dystopia, safety and security concern, loss of economic and financial revenue to the government, prolong service failure and unsatisfactory service recovery. Conclusion: The novelty of this study is that hospitality and tourism industry service providers are not exempted from the consequences of digitalization of hospitality and tourism business operations.

Conference Title : 2nd International E-Conference on Engineering, Technology and Management - ICETM 2020
Conference Date(s) : 26, July 2020
Place : Online (Via Video Conference)
No fo Author(s) : 3
DOI : 10.15224/978-1-63248-189-4-02
Page(s) : 7-11
Electronic ISBN : 978-1-63248-189-4
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