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International E-Conference on Engineering, Technology and Management - ICETM 2020


Author(s) : Lyudmila Nikolaevna Petrova


This article gives a historical review of the language mentality problem. Consideration of problems related to semantic processes is inevitably connected with the problem of the relation of language, thought, and culture. Language links our psychic and socio-cultural life and at the same time it is the instrument of their interaction. Problems of linguistic mentality, different ways of linguistic representation of the world are among the most important and discussed issues in linguistics and in this article. The theoretical background of the language mentality problem considered in this article is based on the examples of W. Humboldt's work and L. Weisberger's hypothesis of linguistic relativity. W. Humboldt as a founder of a theory of language has given the direction of linguistic research to new generations of scientists. L. Weisberger as well as W. Humboldt believes that is the picture of the world, world perception of the people. The author considers the main positions of Sapir-Worth hypothesis as a theoretical basis for the differentiation of the ways of the language perception of the world. The results of the research are the examples of differences in language picture of the world (and in language mentality accordingly) in English, Russian and other languages. Material for research are examples of the etymology dictionary and electronic dictionary ABBY Lingvo.

Conference Title : International E-Conference on Engineering, Technology and Management - ICETM 2020
Conference Date(s) : 31, May 2020
Place : Online (Via Video Conference)
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DOI : 10.15224/978-1-63248-188-7-08
Page(s) : 40-46
Electronic ISBN : 978-1-63248-188-7
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