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International E-Conference on Engineering, Technology and Management - ICETM 2020

Revealing Technology Development of Carbon Capture and Storage Using Patent Portfolio Analysis

Author(s) : Chin-Yuan Fan,, Hsin-Yuan Chang, Shu-Hao Chang


Carbon capture and storage is the most popular in recent years, the field of sustainability energy industrial management issues, was becoming increasingly relevant research. However, the research is still lack in the patent portfolio. The purpose of this research is to study the status of carbon capture and storage technology and patent portfolio, and investigates major countries to define a better understanding of the developmental trends of the carbon capture and storage. This can further provide the government and industry with additional strategic development proposals. We used data-mining methods [multidimensional scaling (MDS) analysis, and K-means clustering] to explore competing technological and strategic-group relationships within the carbon capture and storage countries. The results indicate that the technical positioning and patent portfolio between the countries are different. We assessed the relative technological advantages position of various countries and proposed technology development policy recommendations to the carbon capture and storage industry.

Conference Title : International E-Conference on Engineering, Technology and Management - ICETM 2020
Conference Date(s) : 31, May 2020
Place : Online (Via Video Conference)
No fo Author(s) : 3
DOI : 10.15224/978-1-63248-188-7-01
Page(s) : 1-5
Electronic ISBN : 978-1-63248-188-7
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