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Tenth International Conference On Advances In Civil, Structural And Mechanical Engineering - ACSM 2020

Measures to improve resilience and manage poverty in developing countries

Author(s) : Gian Paolo Cimellaro, Dongjun Lee, Melissa De Iuliis


Developing countries are more vulnerable to natural hazards because typically they are located in extended areas largely affected by flooding, seismicity, land sliding, etc. and their economic, social, political, and cultural conditions are not adequate. Furthermore, high rapid population growth, rapid urbanization process and poverty contribute to poorly built structures, which are designed by non-expert workers without technical skills on construction techniques and seismic engineering. Buildings in developing countries are designed with adobe and rammed earth; they have low strength and fragile behavior of their walls making their inhabitants live under risks. Affordable housing is a major challenge in most areas in developing world. Existing engineering solutions adopted in developed countries are expensive and technically demanding in these areas. Further, the number of studies related to developing communities is rather limited. This has led researchers to discover simple and cost-effective solutions which help in reducing cost construction and reinforcing structures against multiple hazards through the use of locally available, natural, and renewable materials that would improve the durability of structural components achieving affordable housing. The objective of this paper is to investigate existing disaster prevention strategies and cost-efficient techniques to improve the resilience of developing urban systems against natural disasters.

Conference Title : Tenth International Conference On Advances In Civil, Structural And Mechanical Engineering - ACSM 2020
Conference Date(s) : 14-15, March 2020
Place : Hotel Lebua at State Tower,Bangkok, Thailand
No fo Author(s) : 3
DOI : 10.15224/978-1-63248-185-6-02
Page(s) : 7-12
Electronic ISBN : 978-1-63248-185-6
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