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A Learning treasure

Do you want absolutely free e-access to complete Papers and want to relish special discounts on conference registration Fee? Well, it is not a dream but reality. IRED caters you the opportunities that are second to none. Whether you are looking for engineering paper, science journal, academic journals, research paper, International Journals or any other quality stuff; you can avail it all with the membership of IRED.

IRED is a platform that accumulates researchers, doctors, academicians, scientists and engineering professionals for you. The platform also gathers universities, organizations and institutions on global platform to endorse new thoughts, innovative ideas and latest trends to make a promising and bright future for everyone. With the purpose to help the passionate learners and curious minds; IRED has created Seek Digital Library that can be access by anyone and anywhere. You just have to become a member of IRED. Once you are a member of IRED, you can enjoy alerts and discounts for different Asian & European conferences.

You would get free online access to all Conference publications along with Journal publication by Associated Networks of IRED. This membership will lessen the burden on your pocket because it enables you to get discounts on Registration fee (10% to 15%) for technical & Academic conferences that are organized by Associate Networks of IRED. Similarly the Seminars can add so much of knowledge and skills in your life. You can empower yourself by attending powerful seminars. With your membership you can attend scientific seminars on latest trends and research topics that too in discounted fee.

If you are into research paper writing or any task of research; there is a win-win situation for you. The associate Networks of IRED cater financial support for research work in all the engineering fields and much more. Similarly if you stay busy in your work and miss out the important dates; don't worry. With IRED membership you get all conference alerts for technical conferences, IT conferences, Management conferences and academic conferences in your inbox. This way whenever there will be any conference or seminar; you would be abreast.

What you need to know

The membership you generally get is free. It is to work towards the exchange of information and ideas and to construct the research and development activities in the profession of Medical, Engineering, Dental & Technology for the benefit of a huge population. It is to ensure the advancement of general welfare too. The membership will be granted based upon the below given conditions.

  • The Individual Members can avail ID card and Institutional Members can avail Membership Certificate that would be shipped after 3-6 months of membership approval.
  • All Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors Member should go for an Associate Network. - An Individual Member can opt for only one Associate Network; but he can be a part of as many as research group of that Associate Network can be opted.
  • The membership of IRED is a LIFE membership (for three years from date of issue). After that one has to make a fresh application based on (new) terms and conditions prevailing then and there.
  • All members, by default, shall be there in IRED Medical, technical and scientific committees of conferences, workshop, seminar or any research and development activities organized or sponsored by the association.
  • Any change in your affiliation, email id or address should be informed to IRED. It should be well in advance and that too in a prescribed format.
  • The association invites /offers you to attend/organize/Renew to be part of different conferences, seminars, workshop s or any medical and engineering research activities and so on.
  • If an IRED Official contacts you for any particular purpose/research activity you will have to respond within 48-96 hours. For any reason, if IRED Official fails to reach you or not getting appropriate responds at given address, the membership stands cancelled without any notice. It would abide all rules and regulations of IRED and the Associate Networks from periodic basis.

So, be a part of IRED today and enjoy the treasures it has stored for you!